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The Council for Biotechnology Information communicates science-based information about the benefits and safety of agricultural biotechnology and its contributions to a sustainable food chain. Its members are the leading agricultural biotechnology companies.

Thanks to plant biotechnology, Canadian farmers are growing more food per arable acre with a softer environmental footprint. The promise of drought-tolerant crops in the next five years will help farmers cope with climate variability. With increased global demands for food, feed, fibre and fuel, farmers now have broader options to sell some of their high-yielding crops for alternative uses such as bioplastics or biofuels. This earth-friendly technology has been adopted quickly in Canada and is now viewed as part of the EverGreen Revolution around the world.

Good Things Are Growing

Did you know that Canadian farms are producing foods for your good health while protecting the planet? Thanks to innovations in plant biotechnology, today’s farmers can choose varieties that provide higher yields, create more nutritious food choices and enable sustainable farming practices.

Plant biotechnology is a term that covers a wide variety of techniques used to develop plants with beneficial characteristics. This practice has been around for centuries through selecting and breeding plants using visible characteristics. Plant breeders can now use additional tools to improve this process. For example, by identifying pieces of DNA (the building blocks of all organisms) which are unique to a particular characteristic, breeders can more quickly identify plants with the desired attribute, thus speeding up the breeding process. Genetic modification (sometimes referred to as modern plant biotechnology) has enabled plant breeders to further improve this precision by adding or altering a single gene to create a crop with a beneficial characteristic.

As you’ll read throughout this book, these innovations are helping our nation’s farmers produce a safe, healthy and abundant food supply, and preserve our environment. I hope you enjoy learning about Canada’s crops and how you can incorporate them into healthy recipes for your family.

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